Textbook of Endodontology, 1nd Edition (pdf)

Textbook of Endodontology, 1nd Edition (pdf)

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Textbook of Endodontology has been developed to serve the educational needs of dental students as well as dental practitioners seeking updates on endodontic theories and techniques. The book offers a clear understanding of the biological processes involved in pulpal and periapical lesions and how that knowledge relates to clinical management.
The editors have devised the book to provide tiered learning. Sophisticated presentation enables the reader to access the text from different levels, corresponding to the requirements of the undergraduate, postgraduate or practitioner. As a result, the book constitutes a valuable and essential read for all those involved in endodontology.

Key Features
Illustrated in full color throughout
Boxed elements facilitate easy reference to endodontic concepts
Includes case stories
Signposts to core research literature
Annotated references form part of the remarkable pedagogy throughout the book

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