Textbook of General and Oral Surgery (pdf)

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Textbook of General and Oral Surgery (pdf)

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Textbook of General and Oral Surgery
This practical resource helps readers arrive at an integrated understanding of both general and oral surgery – in one convenient text. A companion to Wray: Textbook of General and Oral Medicine, it provides the basic principles of general surgery and general medicine and a more detailed knowledge of certain areas of these specialties which are related to dentistry or have an influence on the practice of dentistry.
Covers both general and oral surgery, giving the reader an integrated understanding of both subjects in one book.
Discusses the basic principles of surgery at a level appropriate for future dentists.
Provides information on general topics including wound healing and sepsis that is essential for all dentists.
Gives an understanding of those specialist areas of surgery which have particular relevance to dentistry – including maxillofacial trauma, orthognathic surgery, and management of cleft palate.
Includes comprehensive coverage of oral surgery.
Covers anesthesia and sedation techniques.
Offers clear line diagrams throughout.

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