Emergency Guide for Dental Auxiliaries, 4th Edition (pdf)

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Emergency Guide for Dental Auxiliaries, 4th Edition (pdf)

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Emergency Guide for Dental Auxiliaries, 4th Edition
EMERGENCY GUIDE FOR DENTAL AUXILIARIES, 4E contains the information and instruction needed in order to effectively handle a medical emergency in the dental office. In addition to basic technical instruction, this new edition provides up-to-date information on First Aid techniques, legal concerns, and safety procedures. A new design helps to better illustrate core concepts and increase comprehension. “Emergency Basics” boxes outline the sequence of steps for recognizing a medical emergency as well as action points to assist the patient.

“Emergency Basics” boxes highlighted in each chapter provide quick access to the signs, symptoms, and First Aid steps to managing various medical emergencies.
Review questions and problem-solving scenarios allow students to review and apply the textbook’s content.
Updated information about emergency protocols for CPR and airway obstruction among other essential skills.
Coverage of all major medical emergencies and an accompanying action plan for the dental professional.

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